Via Civitavecchia district

Municipality of Milan

The entrust of the task derive from winning the international competition “Abitare a Milano /1” in the area of via Civitavecchia. The idea of the project was to reconnect the Lambro park with the city. The urban idea is reflected in the planimetric process which designs a part of the city entering in the park and, on the contrary, makes the existing park penetrate into the city.

There are two different residential types: the tower, the preeminently urban building, is a designed block which looks like a sculpture; and the Pcers houses, realized as a modular system of six types of apartments which can be differently combined. The combination of the apartments is not just a simple expression of the aggregation process, but tries – in the shape and in the colour – to find a well-defined architectural character in relation with the category of the room.

Photography by Santi Caleca

smq area: 11.590 slp + 5.490 underground
building cost: 15.550.000,00 euro
Architectural project: Consalez Rossi associated architects, Vudafieri Saverino partners, Francesca Peruzzotti, Andrea Starr Stabile
Contributors: Alberto Belli, Prisco Ferrara, Chiara Fiore, Elena Gelmetti, Enrico Scaramellini, Daria Trovato, Camilla Vecchi
Structural project: ORPE srl, ing. Orlandini
Mechanical plants: DIGIERRE3
Electrical installations: associated Radaelli
Company: Fantin Construction Company, ICG Company

role played: concept design, building permit development, technical design, supervision of works

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