Tower building residences

Geam srl

A fifteen-story hotel tower, built in the 1950s, is partially demolished and the six floors have been transformed into residences. The function is transferred to the south, along the river, with the construction of a 120-seater hotel with a swimming pool and spa center attached. The intervention is configured as an urban regeneration of considerable landscape impact on the center of the town of Madesimo. The quality objectives are linked to a careful design of the open and green spaces of the vast area that connects the tower with the land of the new hotel complex.

The residential part of the intervention occupies the grounds of the old tower. The building, overlooking the river, is open to the south by large floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the valley. The seven-storey compact front, in contemporary terms, interprets the typology of the high mountain condominium. The extension of the existing profile is made entirely of wood, with a ventilated façade regulated by three-dimensional joints. The cover will house a wooden deck covering above the metal sheet.

sqm: 3.100
building cost: 3.550.000,00 €

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