Rab - WeMI

Milan municipality, coop. BarAcca

Rab-WeMI San Gottardo 41. New bar and social service with M. Bricocoli, S. Sabatinelli, V. Bucchetti and Polytechnic of Milan.
The reorganization of the welfare system in the Municipality of Milan brings along a reconsideration of the issue of access to welfare services, meant in its material and immaterial sense, through the creation of a web platform and a number of territorial platforms dislocated in the city, the WeMi Spaces. 

RAB-WeMi San Gottardo was conceived as a pilot project for innovating forms and places for the access to welfare services. The design of the space features the combination of two different functions: a social service and a commercial activity (a café). The aim of the project is to explore and exploit the added value of this mix and define the identity of the two different environments.

Photography by: Francesca Iòvene

smq: 103 smq
smq: 100
works amount: 120.000 euro

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