Round School

Municipality of L'Aquila

Building a school today means to prefigure a space that knows how to welcome and encourage multiple forms of learning. Experience and relationship enter the educational path on an equal footing with respect to traditional teaching. The building itself, in its technology and energy configuration, becomes an educational device. These indications, established by the 2013 guidelines, are the rudder for the construction of the educational landscape of the school. 

The other fundamental aspect is the civic value of the school building. The school becomes the place where the community activities of the population find a center and dedicated spaces. These spaces, of mixed use, are already foreseen in the planning phase to work in an extended time (8: 00-24: 00) first for students, then for citizens. To these aspects is added, in the specific case of the Abruzzese context, the desire to reconstitute a center, even a symbolic one, for the rebirth of the community hit by the tragedy of the earthquake. 

A public Campus
A large circular sign draws the perimeter of the schools (primary and secondary to the north, childhood to the south) and opens at the center with a linear square / park facing south towards the mountain. The scale of the project seeks comparison with the signs of the landscape; the provincial road, the adjacent village of Pagliare di Sassa, the mountain. The perimeters of the two school complexes are at the same time ramps / promenade leading to the garden roofs and permeable fences. The figure allows to identify exactly the relevance of the schools and, outside, to create a wide open space entirely public, always accessible to the citizenship.

Project competition “La scuola che vorrei”
"Concorrimi" platform

sqm area: 9.637

Giovanni Bradanini
Salvatore Cappello
Alberto Giacopelli
Marina Martello
Sergio Sabbadini
Luca Sala

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