Company nursery of Desio Hospital

Hospital Company of Desio and Vimercate

The building has been thought as an indipendent pavilion immersed in a green area, which compositive rules are defined by precise bioclimatic factors in order to guarantee a passive construction that has the minimal heating and artificial needs.

The south classrooms’ window are bioclimatic greenhouse that mediate the temperature and \heats the cob wall and has the function of thermal accumulator.
The atrium-labs system can be used as a small theatre. For the summer shows the labs become a stage overlooked on the garden. The building is entirely realized in the factory with multilayer wood panels and subsequently placed on work. 
Three green areas, direct extension of the building, provide the space for outdoor lessons. Theese three green areas are protected by vine-trellises and two are even equipped garden with games for babies.

smq: 410

works amount: 770.000 €

function performed: preliminary and construction design

Architectural Project: Consalez Rossi architetti associati

Contributors: Alice Buoli, Salvatore Cappello, Paolo della Porta, Fabio Loda, Francesca Peruzzotti, Francesca Pedrazzi, Camilla Vecchi

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