Cernusco sul Naviglio School

Municipality of Cernusco sul Naviglio

The ambivalent nature of the place, facing at the same time on a fast-moving traffic path and on a large green system, has inspired the concept and the design of the complex. A sort of campus, where buildings, surrounded by shells permeable to sight, have their gardens inside and are placed in a large open green space.
The density is low, with heights of one or two floors.

 The space between the schools is freely accessible from the city, thanks to the type of school buildings, designed as cells. The heart of the complex is made up of the kindergarten and primary school. The organic enclosures hold into their perimeter all building volumes, gardens and orchards that characterize educational schools. The interior gardens overlook the street, while the classrooms are symmetrically arranged in the bottom of the garden, facing a wide corridor.

Project winner contest 2011 commission entrusted
executive project validated dec 2014
end of work 2017

competition year: 2011
sqm total area surface: 14.733
sqm buildings: primary school/ childhood/ nursery school: 5.972

net works amount
school pole: 6,849,390 € (Lotto A and Lot B school campus)
external works: 733.800 €
total works amount: 7.383.190 €
total transaction amount 9.500.000 €

Photography by Delfino Sisto Legnani

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