Cascina Merlata

EuroMilano S.p.A.

Competition for the architectural design of residential building R2 R3 in collaboration with Park Associati. Strategy: the slipping of the buildings’ boundary, which create a hierarchy based on the open spaces, enable to get a central objective on the formulation of the project. It offers to all accomodations a direct view on the park. From a planimetric point of view, opening the extremities of the area allowed to bring the park inside the blocks. It clearly separates the assigned areas, which became entirely public areas, saving the area between buildings for pertinential use and private garden. 

The plan design enhance in landscape terms the irregular lines of the lot’s boundary, by increasing the distance between buildings and transforms the inner spaces in places opened to the view on the park, to whom are phisically and visibly in a fluid way connected.
Shadow and irradiance: the solution ensures an improvement of the solar conditions of the fronts to the East and a greater permeability of light. Analysis of solar irradiance: the comparison between the solar irradiance on the roof and vertical surfaces of masterplan and the project, reveals how the new configuration guarantees a major impact of the irradiance on vertical surfaces. This means the optimisation of renewable resources.

selected project for the second phase

n° accomodations: 415
slp: 30.777 sqm
sqm compartment: 15.922
sqm common function: 1.145
sqm external area: 11.878
work amount: 55.737.504,00 €

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