Casa M


The project prefigures the complete rehabilitation of a 400 sqm family villa and its extension by 160 sqm. The existing building is entirely redesigned with wooden facades made of half-timbered shading systems. From garages (new construction) a vertical distribution crosses all the intervention and distributes different units. 

The constructive system for the new house (160 smq) is characterized by wooden panels. The choice makes possible to support the mechanical properties of the soil, unsuitable for heavy loads and especially allows an extremely rapid realisation of the yard, necessary because of the short duration of the season useful for the development of the yard. The building will be entirely mounted on a base made of masonry.

Expansion 160 sqm
Underground parking: 400 sqm

Photography by Marcello Mariana

Architectural project: Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati, ES arch. Enrico Scaramellini,

Contributors: Salvatore Cappello, Paolo Della Porta, Andrea Starr Stabile, Fabio Loda, Luca Trussoni, Alice Buoli, Laura Benvegnù

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