A Matter of Nature

Shanghai Meters / Bonwe Fashion & Accessories Co., Ltd.

The project for the new headquarters of the third chinese casual clothing company is the occasion for a radical experimentation in environmental/energetic field. A million of cubic meters are distributed between the green basement which occupy the entire area and the nine office towers.

The project is a campus in which the company's production functions are integrated with an articulated presence of activities destined for the free time of the seven thousand employees and also addressed to the district and the city.
The restaurant, bar, bookshop, hotels, museums, sport and shopping building are integrated in an organic way inside the composition of the intervention in order to define the doorway and the contact points between the activities flows of the company and the city.

smq area: 129.070

New metersbonwe’ head quarter masterplan 

gross area: 315.000 mq 
works amount: 325.500.000,00 euro 

role played: concept design 

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