A community to grow

Fondazione Cariplo
Ethical Real Estate Fund “Abitare sociale 1”

The project comes from the desire to build places able to represent and maybe even inspire a new identity and symbolize a way of life more attentive to the needs of the environment. The district hierarchy is built on open spaces.


The project offers a strong orientation of the public life of the district to the south, overlooking the road/square which is the meeting place of the complex and, at the same time, the new centrality of neighbourhood. Inside, between the fronts of the houses, there is a sequence of four green open spaces, the place dedicated to private life. From the park of Cascina Torrette a line connects, through the rhomboidal courtyard of the complex, the square of the three towers and the garden on the south, on the border with urban kitchen gardens.

smq: 11.750
building cost: 11.410.425,00 €


Architectural project: Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati, ES arch. Enrico Scaramellini
Contributors: Andrea Starr Stabile, Salvatore Cappello, Paolo Della Porta, Stefano Tropea
Structure: Enrico Orlandini (orpe srl) 
Mechanical plants: Flavio Ranica (digierre3 srl)

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